The end or an era..well not quite!!!

When we first came to Scotland 14 years ago I told Janice I wanted a motorhome to see this part of the world slowly. We have been lucky to travel a lot but much of mine was business and you never really see much. Traveling in a motorhome without a serious timetable gives you so much freedom. Stop when you want, eat where you want, have a snooze, stay awhile or just move on. I could spend my entire time just travelling around. Whats beyond the next corner fascinates me.

More than 200,000 miles later, three motorhomes all big, its time for a change. We are going to downsize, still enjoying the road but in a slightly different manner. Janice has never been a fan of driving  almost 5 tons of large vehicle so downsizing will also give her the opportunity to take a smaller camper away to Dog Agility competitions and the like.

Some people dont get motorhoming,  Never quite figured out why, you meet like minded people from all over and exchange ideas and info as well as sharing their company and you get to visit a myriad of places many off the beaten track.


Theres no doubt I will miss the Hymer, its a beautiful vehicle to travel in but times change and change is what keeps us vital and alive. Our adventures have taken us all around the UK Holland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg,  Belgium,  Sicily, Portugal and the Outer Hebrides. There still more to see!!

Just a few pics from the 1000’s of the many places that motorhoming has made possible for us.

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