Heading South..Allez!

Its great to be back in France.  Things immediately stand out…they make the best bread in the world, they know how to drive properly and make great roads. The noise coefficient drops by about 40% and it makes driving so much nicer.  brits have no idea how to build great roads!

After the Eurotunnel train shuttle was delayed by two hours – classified as incident in the tunnel we finally arrived just after 1. First time  a dozen years using this fantastic service its happened to us. We stopped for lunch and fuel before hitting the road south. Fuel is 15% to 20% cheaper than the UK…Woohoo!  A few hundred K’s later we found our first overnight stop at Montbizot. A small village about 15ks North of Le Mans.  Typical french village off the beaten track. Somewhere peaceful for a quick overnight with the de rigour Boulangerie to get a fresh baguette in the morning and it was that and more…heaven  mmmm. First I thought I was having deja vu but then I realized we stayed on this aire two years ago on the way home. It has football fields where last time Milo and I had  our daily game of fetch the ball. Not so this time.  Poor little bugger has a ruptured cruciate and cant run.  Long rehab!.  He looks at me so mournfully wondering when his ball is coming out.  Its hard to say no!!


Day 2 and we are now south of Poitiers about 180ks from Bordeaux in another lovely village called Pomproux. Its a pretty village with medieval church,  a 200 year old market place and charm laid on and of course a boulangerie just 250 yards from where we are parked. French Villages love motorhomers and provide free parking, plus water and waste facilities and occasional free power. They understand that silver surfers spend money in their town and love to take it from you.


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