Here comes the sun!

After driving in mist and drizzle for two days just as we entered the Cognac region the sun got his hat on! Sunnies oot!  We decided to head all the way to Biarritz just 50ks from the Spanish border about 350ks in all. The obligatory stop  along the way to let the dugs out so they could water trees.  Its easy driving down the motorways. Even though summer over Biarritz is hugely busy and none more so than our usual park or aire de service as its known  which was jammed packed with 50 motorhomes..Complet as the french sign said.  Fortunately there was another only 800 yards away so it was park up and we were off to the beach for an evening stroll with Milo and Ginny.

What sight as we rounded the corner to find a huge swell pushing in from the bay of Biscay. Looked to easy 15 20 feet outside and not a soul in the water. The large rock in the foreground 300 metres from where this pic is taken is at least 40 metre tall to give it some perspective.



Offshore about 3k is Belharra – home of big wave surfing in France. A narrow channel throws up 30 – 45 ft waves as the hit the channel at speed from the atlantic. It only breaks at 30 feet plus!!


For Ginny it was go nuts time sprinting all other the beach letting some pent up puppy energy out. She is too fast to take a photo of. Milo got to be free for awhile to but trying to stop him from sprinting around is difficult and after such a long rehab period (3 months now from his ruptured cruciate) we just cant let him hurt himself. Long day – followed by a big sleep.. Spain is beckoning.

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