And so begins another winter in the Spanish sunshine.  First stop – one month at Vilanova Park. It is always great. We have made so many friends hhere over the past 4 years.  As campsites go this is often regarded as the best in all of Europe. Great staff, tremendous facilities, heated pool Gym Sauna  Spa, tennis courts, a good and inexpensive restaurant and in winter its cheap. 50 euros a night in summer..winter time 70 euros a week with free use of the pool gym etc!  Its a mix of expats from all over Europe. I dont think we could heat the house in Scotland for 6o euros a week in winter.

One of our new bits of fun means we gather near the bar every Wednesday and Saturday to play Boules or Petangue as some call it.  The french are masterful as are the Spanish because its a game they grow up on.  As you travel through Europe especially in France Spain and Italy you will find men and women from all walks of life in the local parks and rinks playing and laughing everyday!

Due to injury this year I have only played once( its a team event – 2 people) and was fortunate to draw Louis a 70 year old frenchman who is a fantastic player. Having not played for seven months and also injured I was very very rusty and he carried me through the first round. In the second I found some form and we were unbeatable winning three rounds and making the final which we went on to win in front a nice crowd with yours truly throwing three perfect boules to win the match.  Ole Ole Ole!. Its a great fun sport that anyone can play.

The idea here was to recover from my hip/back injury going to the gym, lots of stretching and walking. Each time I felt back on track I decided to play golf…wrong.!! Little did I know that it was gonna take another three months…faaaarrk!

Vilanova I la Geltru as the town is known is a commuter town for Barcelona, its definately not tourist town and very inexpensive to live in.the-bull-vilanova


The famous Pasifae Sculpture by Oscar Estruga set on the breakwater at Vilanova

Had a quick trip back to the UK to see a client at Stansted then home to Scotland and picked up the car to bring it back to Spain. Being here for 5 months it gives us plenty of mobility and the perfect dog minder.

The highlight of the drive down from Santander to Vilanova (took the ferry from Plymouth to Spain)  was the drive through the Rioja wine region. Great wines and incredibly spectacular countryside. Seeing is believing.


Next Stop  400ks south Moraira.

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