We are here! well almost!

After yet another straight forward crossing via Eurotunnel its Bon jour mes amis!

Its a brief stop at our usual stop in Calais down by the beach, a walk o the beach with the dugs dinner a good sleep.  The channel ferries close by leave it seems every 30 mins but did not hear a thing.


Tues Morning its shop fuel and hit the road for Luxembourg for a quick meeting at Jetfly. We are doing it it easy 300 or so ks mostly motorway with an overnight stop before hitting Luxembourg around lunch time. Its a weird feeling, getting ready for meeting when you are on the road. The good thing about Cedric and his team at jetfly is they dont waste words or time so 40 mins later we are on the road.

Jetfly Aviation is our first Euro Fleet deal for BizjetMobile. They confirm they will have 10 of our systems installed and flying by December one with 8 complete.  A further order for another two is made. Like this!!  Good news as we get paid monthly by the number of planes flying.

Our stopover is by the Moselle which is a stunning valley carved out by the river with vineyards everywhere on both steep banks. The name of the village is Schengen which is where the freedom to move without visa agreements were concluded years ago. Ironic given the Brits want none of it now…foolish move in my opinion..We love the freedom to roam and work all over Europe


After a quiet night and nice dinner..Janice is cooking some brilliant food this trip… we head south to Stans in Switzerland 440 ks south. Its an easy drive down the motorway. We stop about halfway just over the German border at Breisach by the Rhine river.  It looks like a lovely town but this time its a walk and play with the dugs, dinner and get ready for the meeting with Pilatus Aviation next day.


Driving in Switzerland requires the purchasing of a vignette as the motorhome is over 4 tonnes. In typical Swiss efficiency its cheaper to buy a 10 day pass than a day pass – go figure.

Pilatus meeting goes well – the aim is to get an aircraft manufacturer to endorse our systems as factory options..big deal for us. They like what we have – fortunately Jetfly who have bought 20 of their planes endorse us as best for their aircraft so it looks positive. It will take a year at least to bring this all together is my guess.


Time to head south to the sunshine!! Italy is only 160ks away!


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