Where is the bloody sun?

After crossing from Switzerland toward Italy  via the Gottard Tunnel all 17ks of it, the weather had taken a real turn for the worse. Such a shock to the system!

The further south we went the worse it got and after crossing the border at Lugano we headed south west to an old favourite stopping place Lago Di Varese. Its a small but beautiful lake about 50ks north of  Milano.


The trip there was quite eventful. I said to Janice about halfway my instinct was this was not the right road to take (following sat nav). Lets just say it was eventful passing through small villages with barely a whisker between the wing mirrors.

I find it a bit of a challenge. Janice on the other hand finds it hard to contain her panic. In one village a van came towards us and it was lucky there was a slight indentation or one us might have been reversing for awhile. It was a very tight fit.

To keep panic levels to a minimum Janice has been instructed that when we are in tight spots her role is to get on camera not flap about. No doubt we will test this practice as the trip wears on.

The driving conditions were poor as the video will attest you can see the weather was appalling  and the lovely views of the lake and the joys of sitting outside eating and drinking outside weren’t happening.  two days of solid rain  aargh!

It was decision time – go east to Croatia where the weather was even worse or way south or go south to Corsica and Sardinia where it was still warm and much more inviting.

The answer was neither – I had been struggling now for weeks with a lower back injury causing referred pain in my left leg and walking  was nigh on impossible bar about 300 yards. Pointless going to places that we wanted hike and enjoy the scenery so a decision was made to head back into Spain to Vilanova where I spent 5 months recovering and rehabilitating myself from my stroke a few years back. Pool Gym and great facilities are the hallmark of Vilanova Park so off we go.  Lots of friends there and in Sitges down the road.

Good decision made with fortune of being able to do what we want when we want.

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