When a plan is not a plan

This adventure had been delayed by my hip and back injury which was severely restricting my ability to walk (500 yards at best) or stand. After a productive  BizjetMobile meeting with Pilatus at Stans Switzerland it was time to head south to Milan where we agreed we would make a decision as to whether we would go to Croatia or not. If my injury was no better then going there would be pointless.  Hiking swimming walking the dugs was not on!  So through the Alps and the Gottard Tunnel to Northern Italy.

Second time we have been through the tunnel – all 16 Ks of it.  Weird experience being under a mountain range for so long. It was very cold on the Swiss side 2-3 deg – halfway through the tunnel outside temp climbed to 30 deg  then dropped to about 5 and rain on the Italy side.

The road over the Alps which I have driven by myself is quite spectacular but closed for at least 6 months of the year because of snow!


Heading into in Italy hopeful of warmer weather but alas no ..it was pissing down

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