The wee dugs are ready for our next adventure!! Its Brexit in reverse!

After a weeks delay having hurt my back we finally reach terminal velocity on late Sat arvo.  Janice has done a fantastic job rearranging and repacking the motorhome, the boys at Gleam Machine at Dunbar gave it a valet so its looking great.

Dougie - The Hymer 654 Star Edition

The worst part of going other than packing is the road south to the Eurotunnel at Folkestone. 500 mile on motorways that in comparison to the french motorways leave a lot to be desired. We broke the trip up arriving late on Saturday night at the Crooke Hall Inn near Wigan. Great local pub friendly staff and a bunch of regulars who are always there.

They allow motorhomes to stay overnight by the  old Leeds to Liverpool Canal which is just out front.


Only a brief walk with the dugs this morning with another 270 miles to go to Eurotunnel.  After a few stops for food and dog watering we made our 5.20 train – you just drive on and 35 mins later you are in France…brilliant!

We head for our regular parking spot down by the beach. It just feels great to be here!

Janice hit the beach with Milo and Ginny (They are in the pic somewhere LOL) and now we are tucked up for the evening.


Tomorrow begins a work week or few days at least!!

its off to Luxembourg to meet with our European Fleet operator Jetfly who have 9 of our BizjetMobile Smart Email SMS systems installed with the rest of the fleet to come next year.  Then Wednesday its on to Stans in Switzerland to meet with aircraft manufacturer Pilatus who make one of the world most successful propjets the PC12 and are about to release the new PC24 jet. They already have orders that take them well into 2019 for it.

I saw the PC24 in Geneva back in May and its a beautiful aeroplane…now where to get the money to have one…dream on!


Becoming a preferred supplier of connectivity with Pilatus is the aim. With our technology already flight proven on the  PC12,  adding the PC24 to the list and their endorsement would be a major coup.

Then some serious travel…Croatia..or Corsica & Sardinia   hmmm!!!

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