Arrivederci Sicilia………..almost


Palermo is a wonderful vibrant bustling city, full of energy, great architecture, restaurants and shops. One of its true highlights is its street markets and today would play a big part in our day. We booked a day with Vincenso at the restaurant Cin Cin to learn how to cook some Sicilian specialties.


It turned out to be a wonderful experience. We met our Vicenso our host, head chef and owner of Cin Cin outside the Teatro Massimo and  after discussion about what we would like to cook – Gnocchi was on my list and  artichoke on Janice’s we headed off into one of the best mornings I have ever spent in the local market to get our food to cook. Two things stood out Antonio knew everyone on the stalls and the food was simply amazing.  Quality and range beautifully presented. One stall holder remonstrated with a customer for messing up his display because she and not he picked up the lettuce..classic.

We were shown how to identify the freshest fish and different produce to cook with that formed part of local specialities.

One of the real highlights was Vicenso introducing us to the local street food which he cleverly would not tell us what it was first but said try this.. turned out to be hearts and intestines deep fried on a roll and it was beautiful.  Would never have ordered it in my life!!

Fish chosen, fresh artichokes and an array of vegetables we headed back to Cin Cin for our cooking lesson.  I wont bore you with the detail. suffice to say it was a fabulous experience..worked with a professional chef who showed you the simple things like how to use a knife properly LOL.

We with his help prepare an array of courses – too much food – as part of the deal they supplied the wine and dessert and we sat down to eat a feast with Antonio and one of his staff. Milo was welcome in the restaurant but not the kitchen and his sense of smell was driving him crazy!!

It was a fantastic day and a fine way to finish our stay in Palermo..other thab getting in the peak hour traffic jam on the way to the ferry.  Sicilians are nutters on the road but genuine friendly outgoing people with a lust for life.. We are definitely going back!

In 31 days we travelled right round the coast of the Island parking up by beautiful beaches and interesting places staying only 5 days on campsites.  We always felt safe and welcome.  If you ever get the chance to go you will not be disappointed!

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