Our lap of the map was complete. The drive from Cefalu to Mondello which is on the western side of Palermo was an easy hour.  We had spent the first three nights of the trip laid up there because I could not walk due to a knee injury so it was time to go back, enjoy the restaurants, the food and the beach.  It was only the second time we saw rain in a month and this was a brief shower!img_0353




Milo loved the beach, the local residents loved Milo chasing his ball and jumping around. Our parking spot overlooked the bay and we were just 50 meters from the fish market where the boats come in with their catch and an array of fine seafood restaurants all with the catch of the day fresh from the boats.

Sitting outside in the early winter sun, Temp 20 degs eating fresh cooked calamari was just perfect. We tried a wonderful pasta dish – sublime and nice bottle of Sicilian wine to top it off. It was only the second time we saw rain – only a shower -in a month

We were excited – tomorrow – our final day would be our last adventure on Sicily.  We were going to a cooking school in Palermo.

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