Someones knocking on the door ..let em in!


Originally on the list of places to visit technical matters determined it would only be an overnight stop only.  The side door lock was sticking when you tried to get out which meant that every exit was out the drivers door to open the door from the outside!  Pain in the arse!

First Fiat place just outside Siracusa at Floridia spoke no english but I understood that the did not have a mechanic who could fix it and gave me the address of a Motorhome dealer at Melilli who probably could.  Speaking Italian is one thing even if badly mostly I can make myself understood.  Listening to it spoken at great speed in local dialect is entirely something else.We found the next place easily remarkable enough but only to find as is typical of most things Italian that they are closed for lunch of close to three hours.

We parked up and had lunch and then speaking in my broken italian I explained Ha il problema La porta non si apre dall’interno! Poiu guardare E vedere se e possible solvere Il problema  Look and see.

We were doing just fine until he said to me he might not be able to fix it non e possible riparlo  (I was fine up until here!) non abbiamo i pizza di recambio.   We do not have…WTF is a ricciambo.  Bloody spare parts!

Not needed job done and it was onto Catania and Mt Etna.

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