Noto….surprised by Italian street seller

“Enjoying my morning cup of tea when all of a sudden we hear rapid Italian outside doogie and it’s clear it’s directed at us…  didn’t understand a word of it…. turns out to be fresh fruit & veggies on our doorstep… if only we could get our door open… la porta non funziona…. we usually have some sort of technical issue but this is one is particularly irksome… the door just doesn’t want to open from the inside…. we’re off to a Fiat camper dealership later today to investigate a fix…”  


As you know we have been fortunate to travel the world and see some amazing places but Noto has to be at or near the top of the list for architectural beauty. We spent an evening and the next day walking around soaking up the baroque atmos enjoying a drink and some excellent food. The village next door is Avola home of the dark red wine Nero D’avola.

The city was rebuilt in baroque style after an earthquake destroyed a few hundred years ago. The photos here are a sequence of shots I took walking down the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The images speak for themselves especially the panoramas!!!!!

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