Rain! Rain!! Rain!!! Go away…

Rain Rain go away.

After two plus weeks of of sensational weather it had to end and end it did in dramatic fashion.  High winds lashing rain other than it was still 15 degrees we could have been in a Scottish squall.

We spent the night by the harbour at Marina Di Ragusa about 100k south east of Piazza Armerina under the category of mistake. Should have moved to a more sheltered spot!!  Had dinner in a beautiful seafront restaurant and then the storm hit!!

We were buffeted heavily all night, sleeping badly listening to the wind howling through the masts of the yachts just near us as the rain pummelled us. It was so loud on the roof that we couldn’t hear each other speak..sometimes that is a good thing. The was sea crashing over the harbour wall.

We decided perusing the local weather forecasts that it was looking like at least another 24 hours before the sun would return that we would head to a campsite and hunker down until it passed.

We are at Camping Luminos at Punto Bracetta overlooking a very stormy sea and as I write this the rain continues to lash down!! Its a great little campsite for mostly motorhomes.. good facilities friendly staff and you literally step out onto the beach.

Milo meets a distant Sicilian relative

We have decided to reward ourselves – Donnafugata – Sicily’s number 1 golf course and  5 star hotel are just up the road so we have booked in for spa golf and a stay after the storm blows out… the hell with the budget LOL!!!

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