Villa Romana del Casale

After  an excellent lunch and walk around Agrigento. We found a fab restaurant in a little side alleyway, Milo was made welcome as he was in so many restaurants and bars and we ate a wonderful meal of Grilled Octopus, Tuna and Salad washed down with a local vino rosso!  Benissimo!!!

Great food and hosts

After lunch we headed North East about 90ks to Piazza Armerina and a villa that Jancie’s friend Ally had recommended we visit. Villa Romana del Casale is something else. Built in 500bc by the Romans it features no less than 30,000 square feet of mosaics.  It has all been excavated mostly in the past 10 years. It was a grand villa in its day with the floor in every room a complete mosaic.

The villa, protected by UNESCO since 1997, belonged to a member of the Roman senatorial, perhaps a governor of Rome.  For its beauty and complexity, it is considered  to be one of the most significant residences of the Western Roman Empire.

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