Marsala to Capo Bianco

After spending half a day marvelling at the Temple at Segesta we headed south to Marsala.. yes home of that famous drink.  The drink and the region was discovered by an Englishman in the 1860’s. Liked what he saw and tasted and decided to export it to the UK and so began Marsala as a global drink.

Drinks  –  Yes please . We arrived in town just on sunset. Followed true sicilian driving traditions and parked on the Harbour in a tow away zone.. Tell someone who cares.. they dont give a dam. Walked around the town stopped at the wonderful bar where we had prosecco and some local wine with a fine array of tapas. Very trendy bar and a great place to people watch.

cafe bernini marsala

“When in Cascais earlier in the year I bought a selfie stick…below is one of three photographs I have subsequently taken with it…what a palavar… and barry just has to point out how stupid it looks EVERY time…you can see how it’s aged me…LOL….”

prosecco per favore4 drinks plus food 14€ fantastico

“Everywhere you go there are nibbles with the drinks…here they were incredibly generous with an enormous platter (crisps, peanuts, olives, salami, cheese, wee sandwiches etc) … “

“who needs dinner? …apparently we did…”

After an excellent meal just round the corner plus a little shopping we headed back to the towaway zone and nothing had changed – cars everywhere,, the hell with it.. we are staying here!

here’s where we had dinner after the nibbles…

Next morning it was south to Eraclea Minoa and the White Cliffs of Capo Bianco. The plan was to stay at a campsite by the beach to catch up on a few chores like washing was closed for the two weeks..After having driven down the tightest roads to get there.some quick research and we found a spot right on the beach.  The photo that heads this blog is the very spot we spent the next two nights at.

The White Cliffs are really white, the water temp was about 24deg and it was deserted bar a few every now and then.

whiter than white!!

We swam and hiked about 10k down the coast to Torres and back. We stopped at a small beachside bar for a drink and the very friendly owner was giving us pasta from his lunch plate, an olive oil tasting..yummy and trying to convince me in Italian to export his olive oil into scotland. Talk about a sales pitch!!

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