Ive been to the mountain top!! Cornino and San Vito Lo Gabo

San Vito Beach
last one in is a …

After a brilliant day in the mountain village of Erice we decided to find somewhere quiet to stay for the evening.  The plan was to kick back a little hike and enjoy some warm (ish) water. Cormino was our first stop.  The coastline is just stunning!

WE do like to be beside the seaside

We decided against hiking Mt Cornino as my knee was a little tender so it was off to breakfast at a beach cafe followed by a swim for Milo.

Doppio Cafe i una Foccacia con mozarella, pomodoro i basilico!!

After breakfast we headed north to San Vito Lo Gabo.  In summer its a thriving seaside resort with a magnificent beach overlooked by the mountains of the Zingaro National Park. The water temp 22 deg, sun shining .. swimming time.. We parked up right on the beach front for a couple of days!!

After three days on the beach in the warm sunshine…Scotland is freezing cold and pissing rain..missing it not! it was time to get hysterical sorry historical again. Sicily is famous for its temples amongst many other things.. capische!

Segesta is regarded as one of the finest Temples standing and it did not disappoint.  Set high on a hilltop  as you walk up to it you get a sense of its grandeur.

Click to see the full image

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