Go west..vet wars & mafioso

vino rosso & pizza ericeGingerly we set off for places west.. Trapani and the hilltop village of  Erice

Erice is an 11th century village set high on a mountain overlooking Trapani. To  get there you can drive up the mountain or take the cable car..the views from the cable car looking over Trapani and out to the Islands especially at sunset were magnifico!


With its ancient tiny streets, many churches and place of significance it has long been a tourist destination however it was very quiet when we visited with just a few people around. We lunched in a small trattoria on an 11th century square.We decided it was time for pizza. Should have only ordered one as they were huge and the funghi was particularly tasty.  

“Before heading off to Erice we stopped off at a local vet to enquire about the danger of milo contracting heartworm….not something to worry about in Scotland but certainly we’d seen a few mosquitos so better safe than sorry…. milo took the place by storm keeping every other dog at bay with his savage growling…. yikes 20 minutes of hell in the waiting room… he’s a good wee socialiser we should have encouraged a SALVE with the other dogs when we got there rather than sitting in the corner…. lesson learned…”

So when we pull up to park at Erice we are approached by a couple of mafioso types with a teenage kid in tow….learning the ropes ….barry paid the “pizzo” while I checked the ticket machine to see if we needed to pay the government as well…luckily ?) it was out of order…so then fairly confident we will find “doogie” where we left him we went off to buy the tickets for the funicolare ride up the hill ….as Barry was at the ticket office I was looking back down at the van only to see the teenage hood pull off a rubber stay for one of the storage doors…twisted it right off, smiled to himself as he started to pocket it…then looked up & caught my eye …he promptly scuttled off round the other side… barry steam coming out his ears went down to have a word with two very sheepish looking adults…jeez if you pay protection shouldn’t you be covered …guess you just can’t trust a don in waiting….”  

my boys erice

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