After two days in Palermo it was time to head west for a lap of Sicilia.  Cities are great but we love small villages and the seaside.  And in Sicily why not. There are so many great places to stop..  We didnt get far  -15ks and we parked up by the coast guard in the seaside resort of Mondello… great beach lots of little restaurants, fisherman selling their fish off the beach.

Wed 11th November

It seemed however that our little trip would be bought to a grinding halt.. My knee had swollen badly and had become so painful I could not move it at all or straighten it out without screaming in agony. At first I thought it was a reaction to a fall I had had about ten days earlier when i slipped on a wooden bridge onto my knee.  It turned out to be a result of it but that is was gout!! A build up of uric acid crystals in the joint. Its a form of arthritis. Excruciating pain! Took three days to recover and and be able to walk properly again.. Ho Hum.

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