Lets go pazzo…Palermo… already gone pazzo

Sunday Night 8th November  Palermo

Its always a buzz arriving in a new destination and Palermo at 8pm in the evening is absolute chaos with cars and people everywhere. I learnt from my year in Milan that with Italians you must be aggressive when you drive on their roads. Scooters small cars buses all want their space on the road and will do what it takes to get it.  Every second car has bumps and scratches. Add to this that many of the road are not very wide and you have a recipe for fun or disaster! With a five ton motorhome at my disposal..it was fun. Get out of my way!! Of course you need the odd expletive and hand signals to participate

Va fa un culo! 

Literally: Go fuck an ass in Italian slang. Used as “Go fuck yourself!”

Hey, va’ fa’ un culo!

No photographs…Janice was too busy holding on and watching for lunatics sneaking up on us.  Many sets of eyes needed!

We made our way to our stop for the night just south of the old town spying bars and roadside food stops along the way. Our camper stop was in walking distance to most of Palermos great attractions. We were hungry and thirsty so it was off to find somewhere to eat.. Sunday night 9.30 pm  hmm.

We sampled an array of Sicilian fast food at street cafes One was more popular than everything else!  People were spilling onto the road eating food that was cooked for them on the spot.  Most of it consisted of meat on rolls or a local favourite Pane Con Panelle. A bread roll with potato cakes inside… the hell with cholesterol and healthy eating…

We stopped in the lovely Bar Santoro for drinks and some dolce! (cakes). 

Due bicchiere vino rosso per favore

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