En Va!

Tuesday 3rd November.

Rockin down the highway  plan is no more than 3 hours a day Music on Sezanne 290k in the Champagne region south of Epernay. parked up in the centre of the village and went to the local Brasserie. We drank beer LOL! Walking back to the motorhome I saw something in butchers shop that I just had to photograph….a stuffed calf on the floor !!!

Would have been a vegetarian but I cant cos I am a butcher!

Wed 5th Nov

Chalon Sur Saone 280k into the Burgundy region.  

Parked right in town at the Maison De la Vins bought some lovely bourgogne red and cooked pasta.

Wot!! another church…

Thursday 5th Nov Chamonix – Mt Blanc 275k

Its a spectacular drive as you head into the alps to Chamonix wwith Mt Blanc at almost 5000 meters towering over you. Parked up in a free park just on the north of the village…spectacular views – cold at night 1 deg brrr but beautiful days.  

Its a stunning place, hiking up high on the Midi D”Aguille, riding the cable car across Mt Blanc to Courmayeur in Italy, visiting Mer De Glace a stunning 20k long glacier with ice caves. And theres skiing too!! We did all this last time here and loved it. Time and a little work means this time we just enjoy the views. Someone has to pay the piper and its not me!

Scroll left or Right for the full vista
talk about stunning!!

Au revoir France We headed off for Italy at about 4 today and went through the Mont Blanc tunnel. 11.5 ks of it!  Expensive too 57eu  One way  Ouch!

The sat nav likes to show me we are in a tunnel  err thanks!!

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