Up Up and Away

With sense of anticipation we head to  Pilatus at Bournemouth Airport to meet up with Dave to install our BizjetMobile email and sms system  CHiiMP on one of what we hope will be 18 aircraft  for http://www.jetflyaviation.com. They are a very slick and professional charter operator across Europe and this will be a big deal for us if it tests well. 

Install – sweet – Tests like a charm, folk are impressed, an aircraft mute in flight now has SMS and email to and from any part of the world with no roaming charges..

So now they go flying ..its a wonderful aircraft – longer range that most small jets and can use dirt runaways so off the track locations are specialties.  iIf inflight testing goes well and we are supremely confident it will as we have many aircraft flying this system in the USA we will have our first European Charter Fleet.. fingers crossed. This is the Pilatus PC12.

After lunch we head east to Eurotunnel and Calais for the the joys of France. Mais oui! If you are travelling in a vehicle to France from the UK Eurotunnel is the only way! fast – 40 mins it took us from check in to unload – easy and no hassle – no stormy channel either.. we love it!

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