London- friends to see – a rugby game to watch …

Off to Victoria to stay with friends Mike and Gail. Took the tube into Victoria Station. First trip on the underground for the wee dug!

Going Down

Today its lunch followed by the Rugby World Cup final.  Food wine and company were great-  the rugger …..bugger!

We had an amazing dinner – brilliant chinese takeaway  – best we have ever eaten and plotted our trip to Turkey with Mike and Gail for next April.  Istanbul and Golf at Belek.

“On arrival at Westminster we were just in time for an excellent lunch prior to the start of the rugby…although dogs technically not allowed in the flat…milo made himself right at home…. taking himself off quite rudely I thought for a wee tour of the flat…didn’t notice his absence for quite some time due to glass of white and chatting with Gail but eventually I realised I hadn’t seen him for a while….so off I went on my own tour only to discover him behind a self closing door in one of the far flung bedrooms…patiently waiting to be released…in fact this turned into his favourite game…other than lording it up on their beautiful Italian leather sofa…. 


Making a cup of tea early morning…  


Barry quite right the poached ginger chicken absolutely fab…googled recipes and have made a version successfully in the van….YUM !! “

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