a trip down half acre memory lane….

“Stayed with Ali (Bernice’s sister) at Hanwell… Barry does his usual astounding job of navigating “doogie” through the tight streets….crowded with parked cars.. one way system nightmare around Ali’s house while I have kittens….and then on arrival magically a parking spot opens up right outside her front door…i don’t know how he does it… traditional walk to the local dog-friendly pub where they were hosting a beer festival so a few before heading home for a curry….mmm…  


Ali lives right next door to a park so great for Milo except we seem to be jinxed… last time we got locked in after dark !!  After ringing the local police with no luck Ali had to manhandle a stepladder the full length of her terraced garden in the dark to rescue us…wish I had a photo of us climbing over the top of the rails…..NOT!!  This time Barry went for morning dog run and ended up slipping on the wooden bridge…crashed onto his knee so that’s both of us with dodgy joints… 

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