We gotta get out of this place..

After days of packing and getting the house ready for let we are in Dougie pronounced doogie – our lovely motorhome and on the road again. Three motorhomes on this our 12th year  100,000 miles on the road and our travels have taken us all over Europe.  

This time we are off to Sicily via London and Bournemouth then the Eurotunnel to Calais France… woohoo ..
terminal velocity reached…engage..

Always fantastic to finally get motoring…you would think as old hands Barry and I would be totally organised with the packing …yet sadly that, as ever, is not the case….and this time we had a third member of the crew to think about.  Meet Milo our new family member….or Captain Hook as he’s also known… the wee dug…who we adopted from an old friend Bernice earlier this year.  Top wee dug and a great traveller!  Milo is a 7 year old Parsons Russell Terrior and a grade 7 agility competitor (top class) who along with Bernice represented Scotland internationally in competition.  Look at him go… Bernice tells me he did great.  More recently Milo and I have with Bernice’s support and coaching not to mention patience competed in some less heady events.  Great fun….LOL.

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